I’m sure there are hundreds of emotive stories s about discrimination and lack opportunities for Indigenous Australians (IA) but to suggest that successive Governments have totally failed Indigenous Australians (IA) and that a centralised Canberra VOICE (that is so POORLY DEFINED and VAGUE) becomes a 100% solution to an already strongly represented community is really beyond belief 

It is significantly alarming that there are now over 120,000 people classified as homeless in Australia and 80% of these are non Indigenous, yet LABOR has spent over 10 months and hundreds of millions pushing their CANBERRA VOICE.


We as Christians certainly acknowledge there are serious issues especially in remote Australia and WE WANT SERIOUSLY BETTER outcomes for indigenous Australians, but we don’t believe VOICE, TREATY and STORY TELLING is a road to short, medium or even long term peace, genuine reconciliation and IMPROVEMENTS.


We are deeply appalled that the Prime Minister Albanese, the Labor Govt incl and Corporates entities (QANTAS, BHP, RIO, WESTFARMERS, etc. in a sponsorship capacity) incl naïve religious organisations are using emotional blackmail, virtue signaling and obscene amounts of money to secure a YES vote.  I expect over $400 Million in total will be spent on a referendum and YES campaign while remote communities continue to suffer. Based on the huge disparity between financial contributions to the YES and NO campaign there is LITTLE FAIRNESS in this now highly politicised referendum.

Grass Roots organisations such as FAIR AUSTRALIA continue to beg their supporters to fund the No Case, meanwhile the YES campaign is awash with cash. This is just wrong.  Certainly balanced reporting by SBS and ABC has long disappeared.  ABC is well known as a propaganda arm of the Labor party.  Without Sky News Australia, (we are not Murdoch fans) and Spectator Magazines there would be little pushback or basic analysis.

Albanese has chosen to offer ONE and ONLY ONE proposed solution i.e. A centralised CANBERRA VOICE (potentially stacked with activists with little care for conservative Christian values and rational decision making) via a Referendum when he had the numbers and the power to institute a Voice through the Parliament.

If the need is so urgent for this Canberra Voice a legislated VOICE could have been enacted by December 2022. The Labor Government had the power and numbers to do this and this was confirmed in writing to the Govt by Justice David Francis Jackson KC who was a Constitutional Law Expert and consummate barrister of the NSW Bar.

Voters are justifiably turning away from Anthony Albanese's Voice proposal out of anger that he is NOW appearing to spend more time promoting the referendum than trying to solve the SEVERE cost of LIVING crisis now engulfing millions of Australians.

We will NOT be supporting a Canberra Voice and WILL VOTE NO based on the following NINE facts.

1) The Indigenous Community already has significant Voices including the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NITA) paid by taxpayers to the tune of $4.0 Billion per annum with approximately 1,300 employees. It's core objective is as follows:

“The National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) vision is to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are heard, recognised and empowered.

We recognise each First Nations community is unique. We work in partnership with community to make sure policies, programs and services meet their unique needs.”

Noted there are already 11 indigenous Politicians (8 senators + 3 members of House of REPS) in the Government who should be representing aboriginals NOW and demanding improvements. E.g. There are significant long term third world housing conditions in camps around Alice Springs that Labor Government simply ignores. There are a multitude of tax payer funded organisations that serve the Indigenous Community but there is sadly very limited accountability and external investigation as to why many remote communities continue to suffer. The independent Productivity Commission has confirmed for 2015-16 (7 years ago) that over $33 billion is spent year.  “$33.4 billion was apportioned to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (6 per cent of total expenditure)’ while IA make up approx 3% of the total population. 



2) A RACE BASED Australian Constitution is BAD IDEA.

 Giving special Representation privileges to a minority (3%) based on skin colour is a TERRIBLE IDEA. It is INEQUITABLE to all other Australians and all other minority races in Australia many having fled Nations with high levels of religious persecution.  Not only that, but as elected Senator Jacinta Namijinpa Price has stated it will permanently enshrine, and label the Australian Indigenous people as victims that need ongoing help.

The 1967 Referendum on the Constitution removed discrimination against Indigenous Australian and ensured EQUALITY across all Australians. The document refers to the PEOPLE of WA, SA, Victoria, NSW, QLD etc.

There is no need for a Special mention of Indigenous and TS Islanders within the existing Constitution revised in 1967.

3) CORPORATISATION OF NATIVE LAND meaning a WIDESPREAD RIPPOFF of INDIGENOUS LAND now managed by Traditional Landholders.

While we cannot prove, we suspect this Constitutional change is being done for nefarious reasons to enable corporatisation of native land thereby stealing the land from legitimate Native Titles owners, with the intent of transferring and absorbing all Indigenous Land under a Corporation. This entity potentially would be controlled centrally by a UN Institution. See UNDRIP document link below.

Article 4 -  Indigenous peoples, in exercising their right to self-determination, have the right to autonomy or self-government in matters relating to their internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing their autonomous functions.

Article 18 -  Indigenous peoples have the right to participate in decision-making in matters which would affect their rights, through representatives chosen by themselves in accordance with their own procedures, as well as to maintain and develop their own indigenous decision-making institutions.

What does this do to our precious democracy that is supposed to rule in the interests of the majority of Australians?

Centralised control of land by Elites serves two major purposes for the NWO Globalists:-

Firstly, Control of large land tracts in Australia (including Agricultural Land) removing land from Traditional Owners with a strong connection to their traditional land and

Secondly, optimising the 15 minute WEF City agenda making it increasingly difficult for Individuals and Groups to own land in rural areas and thus thwarting their ability to relocate to country areas and to become independent from the CITY enclave WEF agenda.

Both Stephen Reason and Josephine Cashman have done extensive research on this issue. Even if they are only partially correct, the implications are alarming for all Australians

THE VOICE OF DECEPTION: How the Voice will be used for the Globalist Invasion of Australia (

Traitor insiders are working to sell out nations (

These two non-indigenous Australians above, are not alone.  Refer Bruce Shillingsworth video below and Ms. Cindy Roberts (Mebbingrri - Northern NSW tribe). Several full black aboriginals have also raised serious concerns about centralised Canberra based control and implied removal of their tribal local land rights.  Videos are available.

Bruce Shillingsworth Speaks strongly against the Voice.

Australians respond to Secret Proposed Changes in Constitution to Steal Aboriginal Land - Maria Zeee interviews Grandmother Mulara.  Refer Telegram reference below.

4) We are highly skeptical that the claimed 80% Voice support by the Indigenous community is true

There are over 200 Indigenous Groups/ Tribes within Australia with the majority not represented or properly consulted. We heard 5 Indigenous (BLACK – full blood) Leaders speak at Hyde Park in Sydney on Saturday 23 September 2023. They were all strongly against the ALBO Canberra Voice.

Warren Mundine (NO case) has stated “the only ones I know who support it are academics and lawyers, people from the pro-voice organisations and some city-based, affluent Aboriginals.”


While the idea of a single Canberra Voice may seem appealing there are significant problems with it, as follows:-



A constitutional enshrined VOICE to Parliament will be difficult to remove once in law.  NOTE the corrupted ATSIC organisation that had similar goals had to be disbanded.  It was established in 1980 and disbanded in early 2000). This option is removed once the VOICE is embedded in the Australian Constitution.

6) DIVISIVE Prominent Aboriginal elders have confirmed that the Voice does not have widespread support by Aboriginals, many of whom have not been consulted, despite the claimed 80% support figure. So how does the VOICE unite Australia when there are already deep divisions within the Indigenous community over the Voice, not to mention at least 50% of the non-indigenous Australian community opposed to the VOICE.  The level of anger, name calling and race baiting this VOICE referendum has generated over the last 2 months has been appalling. It‘s utterly horrendous. It’s dividing Australians NOT UNITING THEM.

7) RISKY - The SCOPE of the VOICE's power within a Constitutional framework is untested. Albanese has never provided or shared expert legal advice on the Voice formation to the Parliament or to we the people who are required to vote on this matter.

It is envisaged that a VOICE Committee/ Body will provide a constitutionally entrenched institution which enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to be formally consulted on legislation and policy affecting their communities.

The Government has never defined exactly what the scope and breadth of this statement means and its implication for State land, Crown land, Defence Facilities on or near Indigenous land and private land and Local Government facilities incl recreation areas, sports facilities, community assets. In addition, the expected financial costs to the Community of such an powerful VOICE organisation and it impediment to how the Parliament now operates remains undefined.  Dr Stephen Chavura has estimated the cost could be $100 million a year.

So, we being called to vote YES based on a VIBE and a PM’s continuous comments that Treaty has nothing to do with the VOICE, yet we have no idea what its power will be because the Constitutional change (the NEW WORDS) have not been given to us and instead will be arranged and decided by the current Parliamentary members.  This is hardly a democratic vote by all Australians.


a)      TREATY and REPARATIONS are fully detailed in the FULL 26 page Uluru Statement as confirmed repeatedly by Professor Megan Davis (UNSW) ex UN employee. I am well aware of Leigh Sales (ABC) agenda to try and deceive the public into thinking the ULURU Statement is just one page. The Government’s position on this appears to change dependent on the polls.


b) Despite the PMs repeated denials, Thomas Mayo (the Voice Architect) a known communist has clearly spoken about a number of times about TREATY following VOICE. As have Minister Linda Burney, Teela Reid and Noel Pearson.

Link to MAYO’s TREATY Talk.


Malcolm Roberts also who covers this well in his speech. The Cosntitution should not be messed with.





MOST IMPORTANTLY if the CANBERRA VOICE really about Indigenous Improvements there is little to NO detail to SHOW HOW the VOICE translates into real improvements and closes the Gap covering Aboriginal Health, Education, Employment, Housing, Violence, Alcohol abuse, Imprisonment rates, etc. 

a)    How and why is it any better than the current NIAA Voice?

b)   Why has there been NO independent study on the current Closing the Gap delivery processes incl the effectiveness of delivery agencies and the real reasons for failure?  One would think that would be an obvious step before launching into another level of Bureaucracy especially given the $33 Billion plus of our taxes already spent on Indigenous agencies and welfare every year.

The VOICE is devoid as basic Program management processes and Methodologies covering HOW the VOICE WILL ACTUALLY ACHIEVE these promised improvements. This is a BASIC and ELEMENTARY FLAW.  You don’t Build and Commission a quality fit-for -purpose house by simply spending 20 -50 weeks talking to an architect.

NO ONE signs a multi million dollar contract without first knowing all the details.  Ray Martin may do so but 99.99% of the Australians are smart operators.  They won’t.  Calling people names does not get people on side.


Basic Program Management to achieve Improvements are ignored

What are the-

·        Program Objectives (incl KPIs and KRAs) to CLOSE the GAP

* Program Selection and Priority / Focus Areas

·        Regional Need & Areas of concerns and prioritisation (Pareto approach)

·        Governance, Accountability and Resource management (incl Staff Selection)

·        Deliverables management process and Service delivery management

·        Funding and Contract Management

·        Project Close Out and Support

·        Benefit Cost realisation and Review plus Lessons learnt

·        REPEAT and IMPROVE

Instead of even a BRIEF mention of the above important processes, the VOICE goes straight to TREATY and TRUTH TELLING (history rewriting) and the remote Indigenous Communities continue to suffer.

WHO will be CONTROLLING the VOICE?  We don’t know?

Will it be communist sympathisers such as Thomas Mayo, Teela Reid and Marcia Langton and aggressive individuals like Noel Pearson?. Nobody knows or maybe PM Anthony Albanese does know and is playing the “I KNOW NOTHING” card.


If the YES is approved there is a HIGH RISK it will divide and create ongoing significant tensions across the NATION dividing ALL Australians especially if:

A)  Critical decision making involving 97% of the Australian population is delayed due to a Constitutionally enforced VOICE consultation process,

B)   Reparations and PAY THE RENT taxes (The cost could be 10s of billions. We simply don't know)

C)   Ownership of existing Native land now regionally managed becomes Corporatised and centrally UN/ Canberra controlled, and

D)  The Voice becoming a second Chamber of Government representing a small minority of Australians but having a disproportionate and this unfair influence (previously stated as a possibility by ex PM Malcolm Turnbull)

E)    THE CANBERRA VOICE has the potential to become the most DIVISIVE and DESTRUCTIVE body in Australian history.

Therefore we are voting NO to the Canberra voice.

Sadly, large percentages of YES voters have NO idea what they are voting for, and what the potential damaging and problematic implications that a YES win will mean to the Indigenous Australians, the Nation and it’s sovereignty.

We don’t believe for one minute that the Canberra VOICE is simply an advisory body. It’s much more and that’s the real danger

Mr and Mrs A Browne