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Top Selling Cook Books.      Please note buyers - Prices are in US dollars and MAY BE subject to minor change at order time.
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MKR: The Best Of The Best Cookbook
 $19.99  $15.25 kindle from Amazon

The Whole30 by Melissa Hartwig
 $15.99  $13.04 Kindle

Alchemy of Herbs - Rosalee de la ForÍt
 $18.99  $14.99 paper bachardcover

Thug Kitchen : The Official Cookbook
 $19.99  $12.74 Kindle from Amazon

The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cookbook - Fast and Easy Meals
 $15.99  $2.99 Kindle

Green Smoothies for Life - JJ Smith
 $12.99  $7.83 in kindle $8.81 paperbook

Book Description

(1) "My Kitchen Rules - MKR: The Best Of The Best Cookbook" - The book is based on the Channel 7 cooking show.

(2) "The Whole30 Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig".
Millions of people visit the website every month and share their stories of weight loss and lifestyle makeovers. Hundreds of thousands of them have read "It Starts With Food", which explains the science behind the program.

(3) "Thug Kitchen : The Official Cookbook - Thug Kitchen LLC". Thug Kitchen started their wildly popular website to inspire people to eat some more lovely vegetables and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Beloved by Gwyneth Paltrow actress ('This might be my favorite thing ever') and with half a million Facebook fans and counting, Thug Kitchen wants to show everyone how to take charge of their plates and cook up some real good food. Ignore the expletives please. Highly unnecessary, but still a helpful cook book.

(4) "Green Smoothies for Life" and "10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse" by JJ Smith".
These are New York Times bestsellers. "10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse" has stated that it will jump-start your weight loss, increase your energy level, clear your mind and improve your overall health.

Drinks are made up of supernutrients from leafy greens and fruits, green smoothies are filling and healthy and you will enjoy drinking them everyday. Your body should also thank you for drinking them, when your health and energy improve to levels you never thought possible. This 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse book is a book and experience that could change your life if you stay with it!

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